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Axel Monroe focuses exclusively on appointments within executive finance.

Our network of clients span the FTSE 350 and AIM listed markets, and we partner with private equity houses on securing the financial leadership to their portfolio companies.  Through our extensive network, in depth knowledge and empathetic approach, we are partners in securing the future executives of your organisation.




We collaborate with companies to identify, assess, and attract high-caliber candidates for positions such as CFOs, Deputy CFOs, Finance Directors and Group Controllers.

Axel Monroe’s process goes beyond traditional hiring methods, utilizing industry expertise and extensive networks to match candidates’ skills, experience, and cultural fit with our client’s requirements. We secure individuals who possess not only the requisite financial acumen but also the leadership, strategic vision, and adaptability to navigate your organisation’s complexities. Effective financial executive search aids companies in gaining a competitive edge by onboarding leaders who can drive financial growth, manage risk, and steer your business towards long-term success in an ever evolving economic landscape, that is more dynamic than ever.




We assist our clients in sourcing interim CFOs, controllers and financial consultants to provide immediate expertise during transitions, crises, or specific projects.

This involves the targeted recruitment of experienced financial professionals to temporarily fill crucial leadership positions. Our process is swift, drawing from a network of seasoned candidates who can swiftly adapt to your business’ needs, whilst stabilising financial operations, and ensuring continuity. Interim financial executives bring a wealth of industry knowledge, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills to navigate challenges while you seek a permanent solution. This avenue allows our clients to maintain financial stability, execute critical initiatives, and buy time for comprehensive executive searches to identify the best long-term fit.




We partner with dynamic businesses who are seeking to hire talented individuals to revitalise and optimise their financial processes, systems, and strategies.

Finance transformation involves the strategic overhaul of financial operations, often leveraging technology, automation, and data analytics to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making. This process redefines traditional functions, including budgeting, forecasting, reporting, and risk management, aligning them with the organisation’s strategic goals. Finance transformation empowers companies to streamline workflows, reduce costs, and allocate resources more effectively. It also enables finance professionals to transition from transactional roles to strategic advisors, offering insights that drives growth and helps create the businesses of tomorrow.

Our Retainer Model

We were founded on the belief that executive recruitment should be more efficient, and move at a faster pace.

Our retainer model highlights our confidence in making this happen, as our fee structure is centred around providing your chosen candidate on our first shortlist.

What makes us different

We Listen

We believe in truly listening to what our clients are looking for. We appreciate your time is precious, so we really focus on taking note on what exactly it is you’re seeking, and making sure we deliver on it so you can focus on your business.

We Understand

Our in-depth knowledge of the executive finance market leaves us placed to assist on any senior finance needs you may have. We possess the experience, skills and approach to advise you on how best to conduct your search, who is available and ultimately source the best candidate for your next hire.

We Move Quickly

We pride ourselves on our speed of delivery. We know that in today’s climate you need to move quickly, so we make sure to match you on that. Without ever compromising on quality, we ensure that we deliver a more efficient service than our competition.